About & Contact

“wow i read” refers to my reaction when I decided to catch up to a decade of not reading.

Hey! I’m Sari and I’ve been a part of this complex universe for 28 years. I’m a social worker and emotional eater reading and reviewing books. I made this blog to collect my thoughts on diverse stories told by perspectives I admire.

You can find me on these platforms because of reasons:
Instagram (a+ interactions and aesthetics from other readers)
Goodreads (idk, it’s a thing I guess)
YouTube (I like rambling about books)
This blog (makes me seem smarter because I have more time to think when typing)

✉️ Want to contact me? Chat about books or life, collaborations, reviewing a book, suggesting a book, … I’d love to talk to you! You can contact me through the form below or send an email to wowiread@gmail.com. See you soon?

* I accept physical and e-ARCs. Everything can be discussed in contact mails.